Chuck Ragan has millions of listens on Spotify and harbors a plethora of knowledge to share on Northern California’s fishing waters. He makes it work both ways.

A new film series from Loon Outdoors brings light to the lives of the brand’s ambassadors. And Chuck Ragan combines a hardworking mentality on two fronts. He’s a well-known and beloved musician, and he owns and guides for a fishing outfit in Northern California.

This film showcases the angler-centric side of his life. But it also encompasses his sense of poetry for landscape and life. At just 7 minutes, you get a snapshot of a hardworking guide intent on providing a great experience for whoever is in his boat.

And Loon Outdoors plans on releasing a series of these to follow, with Ragan’s angling story being “Chapter 1” of a series to come.

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