The latest ski parody film, ‘Hotdoggin’ Hans,’ is worth a watch.

Think an old dog can’t learn new tricks? Well, this old dog doesn’t need to — Hotdog Hans’ tricks are still as fire as they were 45 years ago.

X Games medalist Alex Ferreira stars in this parody as Hotdog Hans, a used-to-be king of the mountain, now old dog trying to hold strong his legacy on local park turf.

His character is as ’70s as it gets: a retro red, blue, and turquoise jacket, jeans, blazing-white shades with side shields, and, of course, a beanie in lieu of a helmet.

His bones ache and crack as he flies down a run, his confidence ducks as he approaches a herd of tween park skiers asking if “they’ve hit that” yet. “Be careful, old man,” a boy comments.

That won’t do. Hotdog Hans sets out to prove that he can hang with the toughest park rats there — even at his age. Watch as Hans channels his younger self and embraces his hotdoggin’, swagtastic, old-dude style.

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