Follow Argali Outdoors’ Brad Brooks as he packs llamas into the Nevada backcountry on an August hunt for mule deer.

Packing livestock is always an interesting adventure. And using llamas adds a special kind of layer to a backcountry adventure. Brooks packs a string of three llamas, and they bring what he calls “llama drama” to the experience.

Argali’s films tend to take on a gentler, more zen vibe than most hunting films. And this film is no different. It’s a fun jaunt through Brooks’ thoughts, his relationship with the llamas, and his relationship to mule deer.

The country the fellas head into is new country to them. And it’s big, beautiful, aspirational Western country. Tune in for endless stands of sagebrush, wide-open alpine areas, lots of deer, and the eternal question of whether a deer is coming home with Brooks — or not.

Check out the film yourself to find out.

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