Debris can easily get trapped in your boat’s thermostat, leading to issues. YETI ambassador Alvin Dedeaux breaks down how to clean this little piece out and keep your motor running.

YETI’s new how-to series is a thoughtful approach to helping folks out while flexing the deep expertise of the brand’s ambassador team.

Alvin Dedeaux is a renowned fly fishing guide and personality in Austin, Texas. With a wealth of knowledge on the water, he’s also dialed in the tough ins and outs of all sorts of mechanical snafus that happen along the way.

Cleaning the thermostat can take your boat from zero to hero. And thankfully it’s a simple fix. In less than 3 minutes, Dedeaux breaks down how to clean the boat motor’s thermostat. Further, he shows you how to do this both on the go and at home.

Put this in your back pocket — and keep that thermostat clean!

Photo Cred: MeatEater, "Das Boat"
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