These 10 female skiers and riders are redefining what it means to freeski. And they’re doing it on their own terms.

The world needs more hard-charging female role models. That includes the ski and snowboard world. French freestyle skier Coline Ballet-Baz recruited nine other female skiers and snowboarders for her new 100% female film project, “Skivas.” These “skivas” — ski divas — are anything but: they are hardcore, passionate women with a craving for pow.

Shot over the 2019-2020 season, this 17-minute film tells the story of “ski divas” who are pushing the boundaries of freedom, creativity, and sisterhood on and off the mountain. After years of freestyle competitions, Ballet-Baz wanted to focus on something else for the project: passion, creativity, and friendship.

“From the streets of Quebec City to the great mountains of Chamonix, via the backcountry of La Rosière, Coline and her team were able to finish shooting the film just before the closure of the stations and borders in March 2020,” sponsor Monster Energy wrote.

The film features Coline Ballet-Baz, Taylor Lundquist, Marion Haerty, Juliette Willmann, Emma Darlstrom, Jennie Lee Burmanson, Rosina Friedle, Kim Lamarre, McKenna Brown, and Margaux Hackett.

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