Osprey just premiered its latest film project based in the Wyoming backcountry about how you can help backcountry skiers save a band of bighorn sheep.

Presented by Orijin Media and Fat Tire, “Denizens of the Steep” film is the perfect meld of skiing and conservation — conservation of both land and the wildlife on it.

Osprey worked with the Teton Conservation District, the Wyoming Game and Fish Department, and the Iowa and Wyoming chapters of the Wild Sheep Foundation to take a first-hand look at the threats facing Teton bighorn sheep.

So what’d they find out? The popularity of backcountry skiing is threatening wildlife in the Grand Tetons. But don’t worry: There are ways winter recreationists can be part of the solution to this conservation challenge. In the film, ski mountaineer Kim Havell explores what it means to be a backcountry skier part of this landscape.

“Thanks to rapidly evolving ski touring technology more skiers are venturing further into the backcountry than ever before,” teased Osprey.

“At the same time, habitat destruction, lost migration routes, and invasive species have reduced the Teton bighorn sheep herd to fewer than 100. Now on the brink of extinction, conservationists and athletes such as Havell and her family are scrambling to save this iconic and irreplaceable band of bighorn.”

Learn more about the film and how you can be part of the solution, here.

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